A bra company introduces the largest bra ever…a size L cup

                                                          Click HERE to read about the world’s largest bra, find out what America’s average cup size has become…they are getting bigger. Advertisements

Have a broken sex toy? Now you can recycle it and get a gift card

Click HERE to check out the company that will recycle your sex toy.  It can be used and broken but they ask you to clean it before sending it in.  You can even get gift credit to use on their partner websites.

Mexican go medieval to smuggle drugs

Click HERE to check out the Mexican weed catapult.  Border patrol spotted them catapulted 5 pound weed bags over the border.  Don’t you think Mexican police could have pulled over to at least ask why they were towing a catapult?

Sometimes its not good to be number 1!

Click HERE to see the United States of shame and find out what state is number 1 in each terrible category, such as bestiality, sexually transmitted diseases, etc.

Here’s What She Thinks About Your Bad Manly Habits…

Click HERE to find out what a woman’s website says your bad habits say about you.  Apparently, bad habits include calling your Mama!

Amazing video of fishing 65 feet under water!

How long can you hold your breath?  No try holding your breath, diving 65 feet down, finding fish, spearing fish and returning to the surface before you drown.  Shrinking tribe of sea nomads fish 65 feet under water by just holding their breath and diving.  Click HERE to watch this amazing 3 minute video.

Marijuana Cola is coming…

Medical marijuana soft drinks are coming with names like Canna-Cola, Doc Weed, and Orange Kush.  Click HERE to read about the only soft drink that causes the munchies.

Would you sue if a hooker didn’t perform?

A guy sued a hooker when she didn’t perform for him as they agreed.  Click HERE to see why he sued and what he wants!

Top 10 Argument Triggers for Couples, Find out where the fights start…

Click HERE to fight the Top 10 Argument Triggers for Couples, where the fights start, and how many times a year you fight on average!

Funeral Homes now hosting “other” events…

Click HERE to see how funeral homes are hosting other events to make money!