Rev. Drew’s Thoughts from the Throne: In honor of National Poetry Day

She’s Got a Loaded Gun I picked you up at the bar cuz you looked hot     Bought you some drinks and talked you into shots Back to your place you can ride in my truck Starting to think we’re going to…..cuddle Hot and heavy from the car to the door Open the door and we … Continue reading

Nick and Drew’s Fetish Madness Tournament

Fill out the brackets and we’ll crown the official fetish of Nick and Drew. Here’s the bracket: fetish bracket tournament

New Drug Commercial…for Charlie Sheen!

Click HERE to hear the commercial giving you the benefits and side effects of the new Charlie Sheen drug.

Rev. Drew’s Thoughts from the Throne: What if I think my girlfriend has herpes?

Received an email from a guy asking, “What do I do if I think my girlfriend has herpes?  I’ve noticed she has “fever blisters” from time to time around her mouth and I’m worried she has herpes.” Here’s my response: This is a lose-lose conversation.  If she has it and hasn’t already told you, do … Continue reading