Two guys sat smoking a cigarette outside of work, talking about stupid stuff guys talk about. Then, one of them went to the bathroom to do some reading when inspiration struck…wait courtesy flush…where were we? Inspiration struck…let’s spread this conversation to other like-minded souls. That is how Nick and Drew came to be.

We men are simple creatures and Nick and Drew are no different. We like sex, sports, food, alcohol and sex so that is what we talk about. We vow to help men fight the evils known as “Chick Flicks” by ruining the endings to them and “Chick Magazines” by decoding their evil articles and meanings.

Drew is also a licensed minister who performs dozens of weddings every year. What once began as a joke has spiraled into a ministry numbering thousands of loyal “Drewid” followers, who longed for a religious icon that spoke only truth and now they can rejoice having found him. His teachings include such sayings as “She who is hot has what it takes, she who is not does what it takes,” and commandments, such as “Drinks no man should drink.” Drew also professes a love for the Asian woman, a disease shared with 95% of all white men. (However, it should be noted that Reverend Drew is pathetically whipped with a hot blonde wife, an 11 year daughter, two cats, and a chick dog.)

Nick is a rotund man dedicated to devouring whatever comes before him. His life accomplishments include marrying a hot skinny woman (she didn’t know any better) and on regular occasions consuming 50-piece buffalo wing platters. Also he is well versed in WebMD, fueling his hypochondria with a myriad of serious ailments. On a serious note, he is a very talented musician.

Together, Nick and Drew are a pointless show that really accomplishes nothing that makes the world a better place. Half the time it makes absolutely no sense and their ADD means they never stay on a topic for any length of time. Honestly, how the hell have they managed to stay employed this long?


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