Rev. Drew’s Dive Trip 2011

First time using my new camera mask and it is definitely a work in progress…pics of my dive trip from over the weekend at a friend’s wedding. Advertisements

Rev. Drew’s Thoughts from the Throne: In honor of National Poetry Day

She’s Got a Loaded Gun I picked you up at the bar cuz you looked hot     Bought you some drinks and talked you into shots Back to your place you can ride in my truck Starting to think we’re going to…..cuddle Hot and heavy from the car to the door Open the door and we … Continue reading

Rev. Drew’s Thoughts from the Throne: What if I think my girlfriend has herpes?

Received an email from a guy asking, “What do I do if I think my girlfriend has herpes?  I’ve noticed she has “fever blisters” from time to time around her mouth and I’m worried she has herpes.” Here’s my response: This is a lose-lose conversation.  If she has it and hasn’t already told you, do … Continue reading

Mitch Hedberg at the Just For Laughs Gala

Click HERE to watch Mitch’s standup at the Just for Laughs Gala.

Mitch Hedberg Standup on Letterman

Click HERE to check out the comedy legend on Letterman.

Nothing Says Fun Like late night Girl Fight at Denny’s

Two girls brawled after one girl asked to borrow syrup and the other girl replied, “B**ch, your pancakes look fine to me.”  Click HERE to watch the video which also shows a little thong action!

Playmates test sex toys from Durex

Anything that says Playmates has my “attention.”  Here they are testing Durex sex toys.  Click HERE to check out the girls.

This Guy Has The GREATEST Job Ever!

He travels the country recruiting new exotic night dancers.  Your job is pretty good if you get to ask potential co-workers to take off their clothes and give you a lap dance!  Click HERE to find out about his job.

The Truth About Free Food Samples

This might make you think twice about free samples.  Rev. Drew has dinner once a week off free food samples.  Click HERE to find out why there could be a problem.

Mall Food Trays as Bad as Dirty Toilets

That will make you think twice about eating that fry that fell on the tray.  Click HERE to read the study.