Mitch Hedberg at the Just For Laughs Gala

Click HERE to watch Mitch’s standup at the Just for Laughs Gala. Advertisements

Mitch Hedberg Standup on Letterman

Click HERE to check out the comedy legend on Letterman.

Nothing Says Fun Like late night Girl Fight at Denny’s

Two girls brawled after one girl asked to borrow syrup and the other girl replied, “B**ch, your pancakes look fine to me.”  Click HERE to watch the video which also shows a little thong action!

Playmates test sex toys from Durex

Anything that says Playmates has my “attention.”  Here they are testing Durex sex toys.  Click HERE to check out the girls.

Mario Kart in real life

Mario Kart in the real world…what would it look like?  Click HERE to check it out.

2011 Super Bowl Doritos Grandpa Commercial

Doritos brings Grandpa back to life by sprinkling doritos on his ashes.  This will likely tramatize children who’ve lost family members into sprinkling chips on dead bodies, cemetary plots, and urns.  Click HERE to see the commercial.

Super Bowl Commercial Teleflora Faith Hill Unreal Rack

Click HERE to watch 2011 Super Bowl Commercial from Teleflora with Faith Hill.  If only guys could be that honest!

Banned Super Bowl Ads 2011 – PETA’s Veggie Love

Click HERE to see the PETA’s banned ad for this year’s Super Bowl.  We don’t agree with PETA on much of anything, but these people know how to get our “attention.”

Banned Super Bowl ads 2011 – Jesus Hates Obama

Click HERE for a Banned Super Bowl ad for this year – Jesus Hates Obama.  Wow, how could the network not air this commercial?

Amazing video of fishing 65 feet under water!

How long can you hold your breath?  No try holding your breath, diving 65 feet down, finding fish, spearing fish and returning to the surface before you drown.  Shrinking tribe of sea nomads fish 65 feet under water by just holding their breath and diving.  Click HERE to watch this amazing 3 minute video.