This Guy Has The GREATEST Job Ever!

He travels the country recruiting new exotic night dancers.  Your job is pretty good if you get to ask potential co-workers to take off their clothes and give you a lap dance!  Click HERE to find out about his job. Advertisements

The Truth About Free Food Samples

This might make you think twice about free samples.  Rev. Drew has dinner once a week off free food samples.  Click HERE to find out why there could be a problem.

Mall Food Trays as Bad as Dirty Toilets

That will make you think twice about eating that fry that fell on the tray.  Click HERE to read the study.

Nick and Drew interview Director/Writer/Actor Kevin Smith!

Click HERE to hear Nick and Drew’s interview with film icon Kevin Smith.  He talks about everything from “Clerks” to his new movie “Red State” to having sex with his wife!

Mario Kart in real life

Mario Kart in the real world…what would it look like?  Click HERE to check it out.

Nothing says Happy Valentine’s Day like divorce!

Around Valentine’s divorce lawyers report a surge in spouses looking to get divorced.  Click HERE to find just how many spouses are looking for divorce!

Revenge is best served nude and on Ebay!

He dumped her right before Valentine’s Day and now she is auctioning off the gifts she bought him on Ebay…but that’s not all.  Click HERE to see her auction items and her modeling nude behind the items.

A Town refuses to name a building after its best mayor…

Fort Wayne, IN refuses to honor and name a building after its best mayor who served in the ’30s and ’50s.  Click HERE to find out why!

2011 Super Bowl Doritos Grandpa Commercial

Doritos brings Grandpa back to life by sprinkling doritos on his ashes.  This will likely tramatize children who’ve lost family members into sprinkling chips on dead bodies, cemetary plots, and urns.  Click HERE to see the commercial.

Super Bowl Commercial Teleflora Faith Hill Unreal Rack

Click HERE to watch 2011 Super Bowl Commercial from Teleflora with Faith Hill.  If only guys could be that honest!